Show Notes

Episode 15: Your Nerd Rage is Making You Fat Pt. 2

Last week we talked about how cortisol and stress could be adding inches to your waist line. In this episode, we explore a few dietary and lifestyle improvements we can make to lower cortisol levels and hopefully stave off weight gain!

Episode 14: Nerd Rage is Making You Fat

Nerd rage could be making you fat, or at least make you store extra fat in your abdomen. It’s all because of cortisol, and today we’re going to discuss the mechanisms behind that!

Episode 12: Troubleshooting a Ketogenic Diet – Part 1

Those symptoms associated with a keto diet can be a pain, but here are some quick ways to make your life a thousand times easier!

Episode 11: Faking a Good Night’s Sleep

This episode was inspired by my staying up too late gathering alchemy supplies (not the first time, for sure) and trying to make the next day somewhat bearable! Here are some basic tips and advice (no crazy biohacking here) to make sure that even if […]

Episode 10: What the H is a ketogenic diet?

I realize I’ve spent a good deal of time talking about ketosis/ketogenic diets on this show, without actually specifying what keto is… So, here, in 22 minutes of awkward rambling, are the basics, all nicely laid out. We (I) talk about ketosis, glycogenesis, lipogenesis, gluconeogenesis, […]

Episode 9: You Don’t Need the Gym

Gyms can be daunting and a little overwhelming… but they’re totally not necessary if you want to get into shape! Aside from hiking, archery, kayaking and all of the fun things you can do in the great outdoors to stay in shape… you can also […]

Episode 8: How to Fix Hand Pain

Hand pain? Yeah, I know, weirdly specific. The thing is, if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, or with a controller in your hand, you probably have some mobility issues with your hands, wrists and forearms. Even if you don’t […]

Episode 7: Beginner Low Carb Mistakes & Tips

So many of you were interested in learning about a low carb lifestyle, that I thought I’d make a follow up to episode 5, and give a little more detail about how to get started with a low carb/lchf/keto lifestyle! Listen here, on iTunes, SoundCloud […]

Episode 6: Fixing Upper Back Pain

In this episode of the Healthy Gamer Girl podcast, I talk about fixing upper back pain, which is brought on us all by that typical hunched computer posture. Links to resources after the jump!

Episode 5: The Importance of Sleep

You don’t sleep enough. Or maybe you do, either way, sleep is crucial – here’s why! Also, super excited to be on Stitcher now!