Show Notes

Episode 24: Why losing water weight is a good thing

Episode 24: Why losing water weight is a good thing

You always hear that someone has lost water weight in the context that it’s not a good thing, or that it’s not impressive. Well, hold your horses, because today we’re talking about why losing water weight is actually good for you!

Episode 23: That Juice Fast Won’t Help You Lose Weight (Probably)

Episode 23: That Juice Fast Won’t Help You Lose Weight (Probably)

Happy New Year! If you’re at all like me, you’ve realized that all you did during the month of December was eat really rich foods, and “forget” to exercise. But, no worries, because it’s time to start that diet with a juice cleanse, right? Not […]

Episode 22: Is Fruit Healthy?

Is fruit healthy? You probably think I’m crazy for asking this, whether you think it’s healthy or unhealthy. There’s pretty much two camps: fruit has way too much sugar, and fruit is the ultimate health food! Of course, the truth lies in the middle.

Which is better – Coffee or Green Tea?

On this episode of the Healthy Gamer Girl Podcast, we talk about whether coffee or green tea is the healthier option. Is one really better for you than the other? Are either really healthy beverages? What should you drink before a raid? Which one will […]

Episode 18: PCOS and a Ketogenic Diet

Episode 18: PCOS and a Ketogenic Diet

Today, we explore the benefits of eating a ketogenic diet if you have poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This one’s for the ladies. ;)  

Episode 17: Cheat Days & Getting Back On the Low Carb/Keto Bandwagon

We all have cheat days/moments on a ketogenic or low carb diet, but here’s how you can reduce the damage, and get right back on track!

Episode 16: Take it Easy

In this podcast episode, I babble about hiking & cosplaying, ponder learning Thalassian and discuss how we need to celebrate the small victories, and get excited about baby steps. Good health doesn’t happen overnight!

Episode 15: Your Nerd Rage is Making You Fat Pt. 2

Last week we talked about how cortisol and stress could be adding inches to your waist line. In this episode, we explore a few dietary and lifestyle improvements we can make to lower cortisol levels and hopefully stave off weight gain!

Episode 14: Nerd Rage is Making You Fat

Nerd rage could be making you fat, or at least make you store extra fat in your abdomen. It’s all because of cortisol, and today we’re going to discuss the mechanisms behind that!

Episode 12: Troubleshooting a Ketogenic Diet – Part 1

Those symptoms associated with a keto diet can be a pain, but here are some quick ways to make your life a thousand times easier!