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How I Eat in a Day While Working Out on Vegan Keto

How I Eat in a Day While Working Out on Vegan Keto

I’ve been posting a lot about working out on a vegan keto diet lately on instagram (mostly post-workout meals), and so I was getting a lot of messagse that boiled down to the following two questions: “how do I work out on a vegan keto […]

Episode 25: How Many Carbs Should I Eat?

We all metabolize carbohydrates differently, and in this episode, we’ll take a look at the factors involved with carbohydrate digestion and metabolism. We’ll also look at the general recommendations for carbohydrates in a low carb or ketogenic diet. Fun!

Ayurveda and Keto: The Basics of Seasonal Eating

This is the third part in a series discussing Ayurveda and keto. Part one explores the basic mind/body types, and part 2 discusses the six flavors of foods. I’m so excited to be writing these articles about how Ayurveda can work within the parameters of ketogenic […]

Day 2: Vegetarian Low Carb Meal Plan

Finally, I got around to making Day 2 in our Vegetarian Low Carb Meal Plan! As I mentioned in the previous veggie keto meal plan post, these meal plans are designed with a net carbohydrate goal of under 30g to allow for more veggies! Recipes […]

Day 1: Vegetarian Low Carb Meal Plan

Like I mentioned in the newsletter for August, I will be starting to post one day low carb/keto meal plans for special diets (vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, etc.). Why one day at a time? Well, because I really dislike having my whole week decided for me, […]