Keto Foods

Day 2: Vegetarian Low Carb Meal Plan

Finally, I got around to making Day 2 in our Vegetarian Low Carb Meal Plan! As I mentioned in the previous veggie keto meal plan post, these meal plans are designed with a net carbohydrate goal of under 30g to allow for more veggies! Recipes […]

Is a Vegan Keto Diet Possible?

Is a vegan keto diet possible? Looking around the Internet at various LCHF, keto and general low carb blogs, one might be inclined to think that the whole low carb movement revolves around animal protein. Most low carb sites seem to be a shrine to […]

Veggie-Keto Food Pyramid

In searching around for approximate guidelines on what exactly I should eat every day on a veggie-keto diet, which is more or less a primal diet, I stumbled across this food pyramid. If you omit the meat (obviously), it’s a good guide! I hear a lot of […]