My Favorite Fitness & Wellness Apps

My Favorite Fitness & Wellness Apps

A quick note, this post is not at all sponsored! This is just a collection of the apps I use every day to stay on top of my wellness and fitness! Usually when I post a screenshot of a workout or my nutrition diary to […]

Happy Spring: Updates and Current Projects

Hi, guys! This post is going to deviate a bit from the typical format, because I want to give an update on what projects I’m currently working on. Because I’m a one-woman show and do everything involved with running (and this site), from website […]

Adventures in Intermittent Fasting on a Vegan Keto Diet

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how I was going to start experimenting with intermittent fasting more seriously. While I usually don’t really eat until after noon, and tend not to eat too late at night, I never really track what I’m […]

Why Can’t We Be Friends: Low Carb Veganism in a High Carb World

When I initially started this site, I imagined it to be a bit more of a blog format that also had informative posts. Somehow, I eventually got the idea into my head that people don’t want to read blog posts and sort of stopped that […]

5 Pokemon Go Life Hacks (that make the world a better place)

5 Pokemon Go Life Hacks (that make the world a better place)

“Oh, my god, I get it – save my trash Pokemon and evolve them for XP.” I hear you – we’ve all read the same “Pokemon Go Life Hacks” articles mentiong Battery Saver Mode and remind us that Poke Stops have varying cool downs. They’re really useful […]

5 Tips for Playing Pokemon Go in a Rural Area

5 Tips for Playing Pokemon Go in a Rural Area

Are you playing Pokemon Go in a rural area? Me too! I didn’t realize the experience was so different until I started reading more articles, and seeing more posts. Yes, it’s difficult, but you can actually still get a lot out of Pokemon Go, even […]

Having a Keto Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a bit of a strange time here in the states – we’re commemorating a somewhat dicey event already (I’ve always wondered how this is viewed outside of New England…), saying how thankful we are for everything we have, gorging ourselves and drinking through […]

On gratitude and being comfortable in your body

Instead of a post about low carb cookies, or a rant about how I wish WoW would just reset back to vanilla,* I’m going talk a little bit about being comfortable. It’s taken me years to be comfortable in my own body, and even now, […]

3 Downsides to Keto Smoothies

So, I don’t like smoothies, really. The reasons why I’m not a fan of fruit smoothies are pretty obvious (it’s a lot like a juice cleanse…), but I thought I’d dive into keto smoothies as well, because I see a lot of people posting about […]

Why LCHF & keto works for me!

Low carb diets aren’t for everyone, especially not ketogenic diets. The rules are limiting, it can be difficult to find suitable foods on the go (especially if you have food allergies!), and then there’s the whole panic stirred up in the general media from time […]