Vegan Keto Supplements You Do (And Don’t) Need

Vegan Keto Supplements You Do (And Don’t) Need

A while back, I wrote a post on which supplements you do and don’t need on a keto diet (link to that here!). This podcast episode is an effort to update that for my vegan keto peeps (there are dozens of us!).

We tend to get bombarded with messages about needing to take certain supplements, or products (exogenous ketones, I’m looking at you…), and the reality is that we actually need very few. In this podcast, I give a brief overview of the supplements you might want to consider for various reasons, and then mention a few other things that I really love, and that have actually been helpful for me.


Vegan Keto Supplements You Do (and Don't) Need | Healthy Gamer Girl

Vitamins B12 & D

So, the basics are covered in the original article, but I had mentioned a few additional supplements necessary for vegans. Namely, sublingual B12.

I also mentioned vitamin D and sun exposure. This article has some great links and a super helpful sun exposure chart!


Mushroom Coffee:

As noted in the podcast, I have started adding mushroom coffee (basically, coffee with lion’s mane or cordyceps medicinal mushrooms) to my daily routine for a boost in immunity, brain function and overall performance. If you’re interested in checking this out, go to this link and use discount code HEALTHYLIZ for 10% off!

Vegan Protein Powder:

A while back, I wrote a post on the best low carb vegan protein powders, which can be found here.

Electrolyte Drink Powders:

Ultima – sugar free electrolyte drink mixes

Everly – sugar free drink mixes with caffeine, vitamin C and B vitamins.



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