Ep. 31: Can You Do Vegan Keto Without Soy?

Is a soy-free low carb or keto vegan diet possible? In today's episode, we explore that question, and take a ...
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Does Keto Cause Thyroid Problems?

One of the most common (non-food-specific) questions I get regarding ketogenic diets is whether or not keto can cause thyroid ...
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Episode 31: Should You Eat Dairy on Keto?

Today, Stevie and I explore the topic of dairy, and the all important question, should you eat dairy on a ...
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The Healthy Gamer Girl Podcast | Episode 29 - Self Care and Keto with Leanne of the Keto Diet Podcast

Ep. 29: Self Care With Leanne of The Keto Diet Podcast

Hey guys, today we have something so exciting - an interview with Leanne of HealthfulPursuit.com, and The Keto Diet Podcast! ...
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Episode 28: Going Out to Eat on a Diet

This might seem like super basic information, but going out to eat at a restaurant can often be a challenge ...
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High Carb Vegan Diets Don't Work For Everyone | It's not you! Some people don't feel good or lose weight on a raw vegan diet.

High Carb Vegan Diets Don’t Work For Everyone – Here’s Why

A quick search on YouTube for "high carb vegan diet" will yield an insane amount of videos all claiming miraculous ...
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#26: Min Max Happy Hour

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually lose weight while still enjoying an alcoholic drink here and there. In this ...
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Episode 25: How Many Carbs Should I Eat?

We all metabolize carbohydrates differently, and in this episode, we'll take a look at the factors involved with carbohydrate digestion ...
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Why Losing Water Weight is A Good Thing

Episode 24: Why losing water weight is a good thing

You always hear that someone has lost water weight in the context that it's not a good thing, or that ...
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That Juice Cleanse Won't Help You Lose Weight | Healthy Gamer Girl

Episode 23: That Juice Fast Won’t Help You Lose Weight (Probably)

Happy New Year! If you're at all like me, you've realized that all you did during the month of December ...
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Episode 22: Is Fruit Healthy?

Is fruit healthy? You probably think I'm crazy for asking this, whether you think it's healthy or unhealthy. There's pretty ...
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Which is better – Coffee or Green Tea?

On this episode of the Healthy Gamer Girl Podcast, we talk about whether coffee or green tea is the healthier ...
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Episode 19: Just Eat the Bacon (or don’t)

I’m sure by now, you’ve heard about the World Health Organization classification of meat, as particularly cured meats, as carcinogens ...
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PCOS and a Ketogenic Diet | Way Beyond the Basics

Episode 18: PCOS and a Ketogenic Diet

Today, we explore the benefits of eating a ketogenic diet if you have poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This one's ...
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Episode 17: Cheat Days & Getting Back On the Low Carb/Keto Bandwagon

We all have cheat days/moments on a ketogenic or low carb diet, but here's how you can reduce the damage, ...
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Episode 16: Take it Easy

In this podcast episode, I babble about hiking & cosplaying, ponder learning Thalassian and discuss how we need to celebrate the ...
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Episode 15: Your Nerd Rage is Making You Fat Pt. 2

Last week we talked about how cortisol and stress could be adding inches to your waist line. In this episode, ...
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Episode 14: Nerd Rage is Making You Fat

Nerd rage could be making you fat, or at least make you store extra fat in your abdomen. It's all ...
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Episode 12: Troubleshooting a Ketogenic Diet – Part 1

Those symptoms associated with a keto diet can be a pain, but here are some quick ways to make your ...
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Episode 11: Faking a Good Night’s Sleep

This episode was inspired by my staying up too late gathering alchemy supplies (not the first time, for sure) and ...
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Episode 10: What the H is a ketogenic diet?

I realize I've spent a good deal of time talking about ketosis/ketogenic diets on this show, without actually specifying what ...
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Episode 9: You Don’t Need the Gym

Gyms can be daunting and a little overwhelming... but they're totally not necessary if you want to get into shape! ...
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Episode 8: How to Fix Hand Pain

Hand pain? Yeah, I know, weirdly specific. The thing is, if you spend a lot of time in front of ...
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Episode 7: Beginner Low Carb Mistakes & Tips

So many of you were interested in learning about a low carb lifestyle, that I thought I'd make a follow ...
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Episode 6: Fixing Upper Back Pain

In this episode of the Healthy Gamer Girl podcast, I talk about fixing upper back pain, which is brought on ...
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Episode 5: The Importance of Sleep

You don't sleep enough. Or maybe you do, either way, sleep is crucial - here's why! Also, super excited to ...
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Episode 4 – Low Carb Diet Basics

Hey there! In this episode, I babble about playing an Alliance character in Wow for the first time, and all ...
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Episode 3 – Caffeinate Better

I'm completely addicted to caffeine, and I know it. So, I'm trying to find a way to consume this little ...
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Episode 2 – The Eyes Have It

Eye exercises: The first is pretty basic: every few minutes, try blinking your eyes slowly several times, or squeezing them ...
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Healthy Gamer Girl Podcast 1: Vitamin D

I finally got around to recording the first episode of the Healthy Gamer Girl Podcast! The topic, inspired by the ...
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