Keto Snack Review: Moon Cheese

Keto Snack Review: Moon Cheese

Healthy gamer snacks aren’t always easy to come by – sure, there are nuts and cheese, and fruit and…carrot sticks? But sometimes you want to shove cheese in your face when you’re not in the comfort of your own kitchen. For those times, this low carb snack fits the bill. Today, we’re going to take a tasty journey, fueled by Moon Cheese.

healthy gamer snack review moon cheese

Keto Snack Review: Moon Cheese

Available Flavors

Moon cheese is available in cheddar, gouda and pepper jack varieties. Yes, there are only three, but you really don’t need too many more. It seems like in order to properly dehydrate the cheese to be so crunchy, they’d really need to use a hard cheese. Anything softer than pepper jack might get


Basically, they taste like cheese, though they’re a bit muted. The flavor doesn’t quite fill your whole mouth, like when you’re eating full-moisture cheese. Perhaps the extra water helps to carry the flavor around a bit. Either way, it’s a nice flavor.


The texture of Moon Cheese was not what I expected. I was thinking they would be more along the lines of cheese puffs, but they’re a lot heartier. Very crunchy, and sturdy. A bit more like cheese crisps than cheese puffs.


Moon Cheese brags that they’re made from 100% real cheese. That’s pretty straight forward! They also claim to be a “natural,” product, but as we’ve mentioned before…that literally means nothing. I’d be interested to know about the quality of the ingredients used.


Per each half ounce serving, the macros are as follows:

  • calories: 70
  • carbs: 0-1g
  • fiber: 0g
  • fat: 5g
  • protein: 4-5g

The cheddar has 1g of carbs, while pepper jack has 1g fewer protein. All in all, pretty pleasing macros. It is cheese, after all! So, this definitely checks out as a keto snack.

The serving size might seem small, but keep in mind that the moisture has been removed, so one half ounce isn’t the equivalent to a half ounce of cheese. Most hard cheeses (like gouda and cheddar, and pepper jack) are about 40% moisture, and the Moon Cheese proprietary process removes this liquid, leaving behind a lighter product.


These retail for $4.99 in stores and on their website (plus shipping), though you can purchase a variety pack on Amazon for $16, with no shipping.

Other Notes:

I’m a big fan of hiking and camping, and Moon Cheese is the perfect keto snack to take on a backpacking trip. I’d also probably buy it from time to time for normal, daily life for snacking. The price is a bit steep for a regular thing (because who are we kidding, I will not treat that bag like it’s four servings…), but it’ll be a treat for sure.

This would also be a great healthy gamer snack. I can totally see myself hunkering down for a raid, or a few hours of sweet garrison maintenance (make it stop) with a bag of these bad boys.

Moon Cheese Keto Snack Review Summary:

Basically, these are delicious and have great macros. The price is understandable, because cheese isn’t cheap. Definitely not a snack for every day, but certainly a good choice!

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