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Can You Drink Wine on Keto?

I’ve spoken before (on this podcast) about drinking on a diet, specifically on how to min-max your alcoholic beverage (and drunk eating) choices to keep you on track, and stave off any extra weight gain. However, this advice wasn’t reeeally keto-specific, and so the questions still remains: can you drink wine on keto? Will wine […]

Keto Snack Review: Moon Cheese

Healthy gamer snacks aren’t always easy to come by – sure, there are nuts and cheese, and fruit and…carrot sticks? But sometimes you want to shove cheese in your face when you’re not in the comfort of your own kitchen. For those times, this low carb snack fits the bill. Today, we’re going to take […]

Vegan Keto Ice Cream Review: Wink Frozen Dessert

I’m kind of on a dessert kick lately, and this week I found something that my allergy-prone readers can enjoy as well: Wink Frozen Desserts. This just popped up in my local Whole Foods (they’re a little slow to get products up here in New England). So, when I saw Wink on the shelves of […]

Keto Ice Cream Review: Halo Top

It probably won’t surprise you at all to find out that I like ice cream. Of course, conventional ice cream is loaded with sugar and calories and doesn’t really fit in to a low carb diet all that well. Until recently, most of my ice cream adventures involved coconut milk, avocados and the freezer, and while […]

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