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PCOS and a Ketogenic Diet

PCOS and a Ketogenic Diet

This post was inspired today by an Instagram follower who asked about the relationship between PCOS and a ketogenic diet. Basically, she wanted to know if keto was good for helping your body deal with PCOS. The short answer, is yes, but I’ll explain why below. ;)

3 Downsides to Keto Smoothies

3 Downsides to Keto Smoothies

So, I don’t like smoothies, really. The reasons why I’m not a fan of fruit smoothies are pretty obvious (it’s a lot like a juice cleanse…), but I thought I’d dive into keto smoothies as well, because I see a lot of people posting about […]

Episode 17: Cheat Days & Getting Back On the Low Carb/Keto Bandwagon

We all have cheat days/moments on a ketogenic or low carb diet, but here’s how you can reduce the damage, and get right back on track!

Episode 12: Troubleshooting a Ketogenic Diet – Part 1

Those symptoms associated with a keto diet can be a pain, but here are some quick ways to make your life a thousand times easier!

Episode 10: What the H is a ketogenic diet?

I realize I’ve spent a good deal of time talking about ketosis/ketogenic diets on this show, without actually specifying what keto is… So, here, in 22 minutes of awkward rambling, are the basics, all nicely laid out. We (I) talk about ketosis, glycogenesis, lipogenesis, gluconeogenesis, […]

Three Common Beginner Keto Mistakes

Starting a ketogenic diet can be confusing, and it will take a while to really get in the swing of things. Along the way, there might be some bumps and minor setbacks. Hopefully, this article can help you to be aware of a few common […]

Is a Vegan Keto Diet Possible?

Is a vegan keto diet possible? Looking around the Internet at various LCHF, keto and general low carb blogs, one might be inclined to think that the whole low carb movement revolves around animal protein. Most low carb sites seem to be a shrine to […]

Episode 4 – Low Carb Diet Basics

Hey there! In this episode, I babble about playing an Alliance character in Wow for the first time, and all about low carb diets! Well, not all about, but I certainly give an overview… Download this episode (right click and save)

Low Carb Baking Basics

I’ve been experimenting with low carb, sugar free, keto friendly recipes for about three years now, and have picked up some tips and tricks along the way. Moreover, I’ve compiled all of these tips and the best of the recipes into an easy-to-digest ebook, complete […]

Low Carb Baking With Protein Powder

You may have noticed that many of my recipes lately involve protein powder. I received a few huge canisters of whey protein powder, so I decided to see how well it would work in baked goods! So far, I’ve learned a few tips along the whey (eh? […]