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Low Carb Baking Basics

I’ve been experimenting with low carb, sugar free, keto friendly recipes for about three years now, and have picked up some tips and tricks along the way. Moreover, I’ve compiled all of these tips and the best of the recipes into an easy-to-digest ebook, complete with nutritional information and lots of tips! It’s called Basics […]

Low Carb Baking With Protein Powder

You may have noticed that many of my recipes lately involve protein powder. I received a few huge canisters of whey protein powder, so I decided to see how well it would work in baked goods! So far, I’ve learned a few tips along the whey (eh? eh?) that I thought I’d share. First, I wanted to […]

Notes on Low Carb Intermittent Fasting

I’ve been trying to fast until noon lately. I wake up daily at around 5am, so this ends up being about a seven hour window without eating. This isn’t usually a problem, but there are times when hunger sets in and screws with my hormones. Yesterday, at a regional conference for work, I almost ended up […]

You Can Eat Veggies on A Low Carb Diet

Yes, you can eat veggies on a low carb diet. I know the trend is to avoid them because the carbs are so high compared to foods like cheese and eggs and almonds. And you’re right – it’s not as sexy to save up your carbs for a salad over a piece of sugar-free chocolate, […]

Sweetness in Low Carb Baked Goods

You may have noticed that a lot of the low carb recipes I post don’t include much by way of sweeteners. This is wholly by design. It’s not that I don’t like the flavor of something sweet, it’s mostly that by eating relatively low carb foods for a while now, my palate has changed. Yours […]

How to Tell When You’re in Ketosis

Ketosis isn’t some mystical state, achieved only by days and months of fasting and spiritual connection. Kind of the opposite, actually. A lot of people (whether or not they follow a low carb diet) go into a state of ketosis every night without even trying, just by having a functioning metabolism. Of course, as soon […]

Why don’t I use artificial sweeteners?

So, you’ve probably noticed that I tend to only use stevia here, and you’ve probably wondered to yourself, “why would she use a sweetener in baked goods that doesn’t mimic the texture of sugar?” Yeah, I know. Sugar does more than just sweeten: it adds moisture, helps to bind, browns and aids in the texture […]

Keto Tip: Fermented Foods

Often times, individuals on a ketogenic diet tend to avoid eating a lot of vegetables. It’s completely understandable – veggies often have a pretty high carb count, and this can be scary! A great way to get some vegetables with a lower carb count is to eat them in fermented form like sauerkraut or kimchi. […]

Low Carb Baking Tip: Adding Flavor Without Carbs

How do you add more flavor to a low carb or keto recipe without adding any additional carbs? No, the answer is not artificial sweeteners… it’s seasoning! It sounds pretty basic…and it is. Spices, herbs and extracts will (for the most part) add a negligible amount of carbohydrates to your meal, while adding a TON of […]

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