When I first tried out a ketogenic diet a few years ago, I found that it balanced me out while keeping my weight steady. Miracle! Meat-Free Keto started as a way to write down recipes that I came up with while trying out a vegetarian ketogenic diet, so that I would remember them, but also to share with whoever might be interested. It’s evolved a bit since then…

Eating low-carb is important to me, as I’m hypoglycemic and become a bit unhinged (the scientific term is “hangry”) when my blood sugar is out of whack, but I love baking. I also live with a self-proclaimed Cookie Monster, who will destroy a batch of baked goods in an under an hour. Sugary snacks are just not an option!

So, now, this blog is basically just focuses on baking and coming up with recipes that are delicious, as well as low-carb. I’ve always enjoyed experimental baking (even when it doesn’t turn out quite the way I had imagined!), and making things low-carb is just another fun twist that I’m excited to share!


Hey there, I'm Liz, a gamer nutritionist with a passion for baking, and a tendency to spend as much time as possible in comfy pajamas.

This blog exists to show how you can be a gamer, and still live a healthy lifestyle!

Vegetarian and vegan low carb and keto recipes here.


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